What is
career counselling /career guidance?

Career counselling (or career guidance as it is also known) is a form of counselling sought by students requiring professional advice regarding their choice of subjects, possible fields of study and/or career choices. Career counselling provides students with the opportunity to get to know themselves better and to discuss and discover their potential suitability for a specific career.


Why is career counselling

One of the greatest challenges in life is to find a career that is fulfilling and meaningful. If a person has a career he or she is passionate about, it is more often than not extremely rewarding, allowing the individual the opportunity to apply and constantly improve his or her skills.

It is, however, a sad fact of life that many people are not in the privileged position of being in a career they are passionate about. In fact, many people end up in careers where they are bored, frustrated and unmotivated. This can become a real problem, mainly due to the fact that most people spend a large portion of their time at work.

It is therefore of great importance that people make wise decisions regarding their choice of career from an early age. Investing in career guidance from a qualified career counsellor such as Michelle Duraan is an excellent way to ensure one is making an informed decision regarding one’s career choice.

How can Michelle help you?

Michelle offers individual career counselling sessions, during which she will first gather the history of the student and/or his or her parents/guardians. Thereafter, she will go ahead and discuss and address any immediate career concerns they might have.

During a career counselling session, Michelle also provides advice as to which subject choices the student may consider, and she can also provide college/university information for those who are interested.

Coupled with Michelle’s career counselling is the psychometric testing she offers. Michelle uses these as career aptitude tests, however, a psychometric test (or assessment) offers much more insight than a standard aptitude test.

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