Career counselling - The gateway to success

With all the potential career options these days, many students are lost as to which career path they should pursue. This decision is not made easier by the fact that choosing a career essentially begins in high school, with subject choices. It can often be difficult for young people to make the decision as to which subjects they should choose in order for them to open up paths to certain careers.


In order to make informed subject and career choices, it is essential that students receive some form of guidance. A qualified and registered career counsellor can help students get to know themselves better by helping them identify their strengths, weaknesses, skills and abilities. This, in turn, will allow them to make better, more informed subject and/or career choices.


Career counselling involves a combination of psychometric assessments (often referred to as psychometric testing) and narrative techniques (talking during counselling). Although the psychometric assessments (or tests) provide valuable insights in a variety of areas, it is the narrative between the students and the counsellor that brings everything together for the students, helping them realise their dreams, aspirations, skills, abilities and strengths, and how these factors tie into their subject and career choices.


By combining narrative counselling with psychometric assessments (or psychometric testing), Michelle Duraan is able help students draw the maximum benefit from a career assessment. Michelle is a qualified and experienced career counsellor, having passed the Health Professions Council of South Africa’s psychology board examinations for Registered Counsellors in Independent Practice, setting her apart from many other “career guidance specialists” who claim to offer similar services.

Meet Michelle Duraan

Michelle Duraan is a professional career counsellor practicing in the Western Cape. Being one of the few Registered Counsellors, with specific training in careers and career assessments, she is highly regarded in her field. Although her practice is situated in the Western Cape, she has had clients who live as far as Burundi, Kenya and Namibia come to her seeking professional career counselling.

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